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Welcome to, this web site is intended to be a focus for those researching the Ladbury family tree.

My name is Graham Wood, my mother and her 3 sisters were all Ladburys, but the surname died out in our branch of the family with my mothers generation. This web site is just starting to develop out of my own personal home pages. Currently most of the data is shared, so if you press "home" and end up on my home page please don't be surprised, I have put a link back to here on the my home page.

The Ladburys exist in two major branches, the Midland's branch, originally centred on Feckenham,  which then migrated with the industrial revolution into Birmingham and the surrounding West Midlands area and the South Eastern branch which started in Rochester  in Kent and migrated via Surrey into East London and Middlesex.

Over the years a number of researchers have collaborated by contributing to the genealogy data on this web site, some of them are listed on the researchers page.

My aim is to sort out the family relationships of all the Ladburys before about 1901 and their decendants, this is proving an up hill struggle, you simply would not believe how many people called Henry Ladbury or Sarah Ladbury lived in Feckenham at the same time! I don't care if your surname is Ladbury or not as long as you have something to contribute to the project. If you can work your tree back to a Ladbury, then we can probably help join you up, but this can sometimes take several years, genealogy is not a high speed hobby ! Currently I am engaged in attempting to reconcile Ladburys from all of the UK censuses fronm 1841 through to 1901.

The majority of my relatives live in Birmingham  but I have a number of relatives in New Zealand Australia and Canada who I would particularly like to hear from. If you find yourself or your ancestors on the trees here I would be delighted to hear from you.

And now for the real information !

Family Tree Bracketed (surnames) are those where the spouse's name is given because the real name is unknown
Sources The sources used to research the Ladburys
Tools The tools used to research the Ladburys
Census data How census data has been used to research the Ladburys
IGI data distribution The distribution of events (Baptisms, Marriages etc) relating to the Ladburys in the IGI over the decades see Family Search. Useful for seeing migration patterns.

There are undoubtedly a number of things wrong with this data, and lots missing, so if you think you can correct or add anything please let me know. If you object to any data about living individuals being shown, let me know and I will remove it.

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